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Rules Corner was an item provided for Edgbaston members in the monthly update of the Men’s Captain from December 2022 to October 2023. This part of each month’s communication proved popular, generating interest and talking points within the membership. The rules covered were applied to our golf course where possible to make each month’s update more relevant for the reader.

The first update below outlined the duties of the Men’s Captain, which include:

Maintain the standards and traditions of Edgbaston Golf Club and the game of golf.
Provide leadership to the membership on all golfing aspects within the club
Communicate via a monthly update

The provision of Rules Corner was one element in attempting to satisfy the descriptors of the role of Men’s Captain and the “Corners” have been collected here for members’ reference.

The materials below were produced as a result of the expert contributions of a specific member of the Men’s section, who wishes to remain anonymous and our Director of Golf, David Fulcher. Our thanks are due to both for providing information that both informed and interested our members.

Nigel Leigh

Edgbaston Golf Club

Men’s Captain 2022 to 2024

December 2022 - Provisional Balls

January 2023 - Hazards and Wet Weather

February 2023 - Obstructions and Drop Zones

March 2023 - Bunkers

April 2023 - Slow Play, Pitch Marks and Putting Greens

May 2023 - Accidentally Moving the Ball, Advice and Our 13th Hole 

June 2023 - Provisional Balls (reiterated)

July 2023 - Identifying your Ball

August 2023 - Match Play v Stroke Play

September 2023 - Outside Agencies

October 2023 - Provisional Balls (re-reiterated)

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