Men's Individual Open

Sunday 21st July 2019, White Tees, Edgbaston

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]x
1st Kamran Inayat(12)  Olton68
2nd James Aris(5)  Northampton69
3rd Gareth Griffiths(16)  Kirtlington70
4th Paul Geary(3)  Moseley Golf Club70
5th Lee Jones(12)  Redditch Golf Club70
6th Richard Manners(5) 71
7th Mr L J Hopkins(10)  Kings Norton71
8th Rory MacLaren(7)  Moseley Golf Club71
9th Mark Hayward(16)  Handsworth71
10th Alexander Page(7)  Moseley Golf Club71
11th Tony Barrett(11)  Maxstoke Park Golf Club72
12th Liam Cornwall(5)  Wychwood Park72
13th Paul Dakin(4) 72
14th Ray Cornwall(3)  Wychwood Park72
15th Keith Howe(10)  Brocton Hall72
16th Stephen Homes(16)  The Worcestershire72
17th Steve Eaves(4)  Hinckley72
18th Darren Minor(12)  Wychwood Park72
19th Thomas Donlan(18)  Kings Norton72
20th Jermaine Pennant(10)  Wychwood Park Golf Club73
21st David Wood(0)  Chipping Sodbury73
22nd C Douglas(18)  Harborne Church Farm73
23rd Bryan Daniels(12)  Moseley Golf Club73
24th Kristian Allen(1)  Moseley Golf Club73
25th Andy Moore(7)  Maxstoke Park Golf Club73
26th Phil Harness.(6)  Beedles Lake73
27th Leighton Matthews(7)  Copsewood Grange74
28th Paul Brattle(17)  Maxstoke Park Golf Club74
29th David Marsden(11)  Maxstoke Park Golf Club74
30th Mike Black(13)  Harborne Golf Club74
31st Sean O'Connor(18)  Sandiway74
32nd Lee Bailey(5)  Wychwood Park74
33rd Steve Hollis(12)  Rose Hill74
34th P Frost(6)  Crewe74
35th Jez Mellor(4)  Onneley74
36th Mark Berkmyre(15)  Maxstoke Park Golf Club74
37th Martin Wainman(12)  Wychwood Park74
38th James Pearce(7)  Chipping Sodbury74
39th Jack Warner(5)  Wollaton Park75
40th Obi Okwuadigbo(16)  Bedfordshire75
41st Daniel O'Neill(9)  Redditch Golf Club75
42nd Andy Cummings(13)  Stourbridge Golf Club75
43rd Philip White(6)  Rose Hill75
44th Carl Butler(13)  Rose Hill75
45th Robert Williams(18)  Wychwood Park75
46th Jamie May(15)  Kings Norton76
47th Oliver Hurrey(10)  Temple76
48th Abad Ali(11) 76
49th Stewart Brown(16)  Wychwood Park76
50th Philip Poole(10)  Kings Norton76
51st C Whitmore(14)  Nene Park76
52nd Nick Lea(6)  Wychwood Park77
53rd Steve Morris(13)  Caldy77
54th David Grogan(4)  Fulford Heath Golf Club77
55th Philip Gee(9)  Mowsbury77
56th Simon Woollaston(12)  Enville Golf Club77
57th Christopher Cotter(2)  Fulford Heath Golf Club77
58th Jeremy Maclean(16) 77
59th Paul Watson(8)  Enville77
60th Jason White(5)  Beau Desert Golf Club77
61st Michael Smith(12)  Fulford Heath Golf Club77
62nd Philipp Krone(6) 77
63rd Mark Bendall(18)  Brocton Hall78
64th Paul Roomme(15)  78
65th Stuart Roberts(17)  Brocton Hall78
66th David Edwards(0)  Wychwood Park78
67th Eddy Sterling(7)  Wychwood Park79
68th W Marvin(8)  Hilltop Golf Club79
69th Raza Samar(11) 79
70th A Salmon(12)  Crewe80
71st C Brown(14)  Wychwood Park80
72nd Andrew Woliter(16)  Kings Norton80
73rd Kristian Oakes(6)  Wychwood Park80
74th Paul Richardson(9)  Moseley Golf Club80
75th Brian Philip England(5)  North Oxford80
76th Daniel Doyle(14)  Kings Norton80
77th Lewis George(8)  Marriott Forest of Arden G & CC Ltd81
78th Thomas Carr(13)  Moseley Golf Club81
79th Craig Draper(13)  Stafford Castle82
80th John Aspinall(13)  Wychwood Park82
81st Alfonso Carter(17)  Moseley Golf Club82
82nd Jay Berryman(16)  Marriott Forest of Arden G & CC Ltd82
83rd Nils Krone(8)  Kings Norton82
84th Chris Weights(12)  Moseley Golf Club83
85th Henry Narraway(11)  Dunham Forest84
86th Elliot Burge(5)  Wychwood Park84
87th Dennis Palmer(12)  Handsworth84
88th Paul Ridgway(16)  Nene Park84
89th Kevin Cotter(11)  85
90th Nigel Metcalfe(11)  Brocton Hall85
91st Lee Taylor(13)  Edgbaston85
92nd Derek Large(18)  Hilltop Golf Club86
93rd Alan Shimmon(8)  Moseley Golf Club86
94th Steve Sear(12)  Nene Park88
95th Steven Treadwell(11)  Brocton Hall90
96th Chris Bew(18)  93
97th Bhasker Patel(17)  Cotswold HillsNR
98th Steve McQueen(4)  Fulford Heath Golf ClubNR
99th John Cullen(2)  Redditch Golf ClubNR
100th M Edwards(8)  Wychwood ParkNR
101st Chris Dale(18)  CreweNR
102nd Stuart Weston(14)  Nene ParkNR
103rd Antony Hayward(12)  EdgbastonNR
104th John Ford(10)  Rose HillNR
105th Saj Hashmi(9)  Wychwood ParkNR
106th T Nightingale(7)  CreweNR
107th Richard Knight(4)  Dudley Golf Club (Worcestershire)NR
108th James Voce(6)  Wychwood ParkWD

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